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We know that you love mash potatoes but ordinary spuds get boring fast.
Solve your comfort food cravings with these healthier versions for mashes.


Steam until tender, then puree with sautéed onions and a splash of Organic Half & Half or Non-Dairy Silk® Heavy Whipping Cream. In addition to a surprisingly creamy compliment, you’ll get a dose of antioxidants and bone-building vitamin K.


Roast these root veggies to bring out their nutty sweetness then mash with a drizzle of olive oil, and finish off with a sprinkle of nutmeg. It’s a yummy way to get your fiber and vitamin C.

Sweet Potatoes & Yams

Orange-fleshed varieties are loaded with skin nourishing beta-carotene.  Bake whole, scoop out the flesh, and drizzle a bit of Fresh Orange Juice, a pinch of each cinnamon and chili powder. Yum!

Red Spuds

OK, so we are back to plain old spud mash, but let’s pump it up! Puree some low-fat cottage cheese in a blender to make a nice and creamy texture. Add to your skin-on red spud mash and you now have beautiful, creamy protein-fortified mashed potato and no-one will be the wiser! Don’t tell anyone until AFTER you receive rave reviews!

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