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Ahhh, the holidays are here…… 

Just hearing that can conjure up happiness, excitement and in many cases stress! This time of the year typically includes gathering with family and friends, eating what is normally “off limits” foods, enjoying desserts, perhaps adult beverages, and for most, falling off whatever we do for our healthy diet. It’s hard not to!

The great news is that this is only once per year! But the bad news is that we are ending the year further behind than we had hoped for, and starting off the new year frustrated and unhappy.

Because we know this happens for far too many folks, we put our team of Balanced Habits™experts together in a room to identify our collective strategies to help our Balanced Habits™ Family avoid unwanted weight gain while still enjoying the holiday season! How does that sound? 

We are calling our plan of action: Holiday Success Strategy Stack….to help our family finish the year sane, lean, sexy and strong! Why did we choose those words? 

Firstly, staying sane during the holidays requires a plan of action so you know what you’re putting into your mouth for on average 80% of the time and enjoying the 20% you are not…without guilt.

Next, feeling lean & sexy is important when we’re wearing our sparkly new holiday clothing! And what’s interesting about this, is that when we feel lean & sexy we tend to eat like a lean & sexy person! We don’t want to be busting out of our dress or have to loosen our belt buckle…so we tend to make better choices.

And lastly, the word strong implies confidence and being in control. These words emote a behavior and when we feel strong, we feel in charge and again, we will tend to make better choices. 

These are some examples of the types of strategies you can use to avoid any regret throughout this final month of the year when temptations are high.  Far too many folks just “pitch” their healthy eating during this month with the unhealthy mindset of “in January I will…..” only to enter the new year heavier and more frustrated…which makes getting started more difficult. If you identify with that, this is your chance to do things differently for once. 

What words can you use to emote a feeling that will carry you through the holiday season temptations? If sane, lean, sexy, and strong work for you, great…if not, come up with words that you identify with to avoid falling prey to indulgences that you’ll regret. Role-play strategies you can employ in a situation that normally sets you back. The more you can practice these scenarios before they happen, the more confident you will be.

Happy and Healthy Holidays to you!

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