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If you have a nutrition solution that is fulfilling your goals, please unsubscribe from our list so we don’t continue emailing you about Balanced Habits. Definitely don’t want to outwear our welcome :-()

On the other hand, if you’re shopping around for what to introduce to your members in ’20 as a nutrition solution I suggest you download this report. In it we explain the Science Behind our nutrition programming and philosophy. It’s important you and your team are in agreement with what your club is presenting to your members.

December is a hectic month and at the same time an important month to sort through what your CTA (Call To Action) is for January. Ideally you have a plan in place that is already in the works to capture the “New Year-New Body” mindset that organically occurs in a mere 5 weeks.

Is your CTA to become a member of your club? What about the current members? What are you doing to propel the existing member’s into some type of action? Don’t forget about those that already know, like, and trust you.

Sell more to those people…then go get more of those people to sell to. Remember the email I sent about Lifetime Value of a Customer vs. the Cost to Acquire a Customer? In it we established it costs more money to get a new customer than it does to keep one that you already sold.

Got it? Selling more to those guys just makes sense.

Set Up Your CTA’s to begin 2020 like a Boss!

What are some basic examples of metrics?

  • Identify your own CTA for Existing and Prospective Members for January ’20
  • Determine the LVC vs. CAC for your club and set up your plans on how to proceed. What % of your resources will focus on each category of current vs. prospective members?
  • Determine your plan of action reflecting the decision you made in #2. The CTA needs to be clear, simple and reflect the need of the customer. What do you want your current and your prospective members to do?


If you’re still reading this email, I’m thinking perhaps you need our help with developing that CTA for both categories of potential business for your club.

That’s what we do. Read the report to be certain we’d be a good fit.


Start 2020 off right and ahead of your competition.

Schedule a call with Balanced Habits Business Expert Paul Fetters TODAY.