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As an entrepreneur, I am sure you’ve had lots of ideas and maybe even acted on a few. I have tried a bunch of things so far. For fun, here’s my list of things I gave a go:

1. Custom Gift Basket Business

2. Personal Chef

3. Meal Prep/Delivery Company

4. In-home Fitness Trainer

5. Nutrition Educator-Speaker

6. Yoga, Spinning & Kickboxing Studio

7. Personal Fitness Studio

8. Nutrition Program Creator

9. Meal Replacement Inventor

10. Nutrition Licensing Company

At 54 years old, I am not sure if my list is impressive or embarrassing! haha

One thing always led to the next and in many cases they were just an extension of one another. I was always a wee bit ahead of my time.

In example the “Whey Good Cookie™ (Meal Replacement Cookie).

If I had a dime for every time someone told me, “If it weren’t so healthy, we could sell the heck out of these. They won’t sell. No one will get it.” ……I’d sure be rich if I had all those dimes.

Here I am on business number ten and see an opportunity to bring back the Whey Good Cookie™ but now it might be too late! Eye-yi-yi!

I follow a mentor named Jay Shetty. Many of the principles he teaches resonate with me. This one stands out with my entrepreneurial spirit: You have a goal so powerful you refuse to give up, you’re so impassioned by itUse this analogy:

Imagine you’re locked out of your house. The goal is to get inside the house. What do you do? Say, “oh shoot, I’m locked out, I guess I have to quit trying to get inside, I give up.”

Or, would you do whatever it took to reach your goal to get inside your house? All the obvious choices are unavailable but instead of quitting, you’d find a different way to get inside your house no matter what it took. Maybe you had to break a window, climb a wall, shimmy into a doggie-door……whatever, you’ll pivot until you reach the desired goal to get inside your house!

I love that and it makes total sense to me. This goal, Balanced Habits™, is the one I am so passionate about I will not quit it before I see it all the way through. Siblings Sue & John inspire me. (pictured)

Why I started Balanced Habits

Because of these two in the picture; my older brother and sister. Both died of obesity related illnesses in their mid-50’s. I was not able to help them with their lifestyle and they paid the ultimate price for their choices.

When my husband and I decided to create Balanced Habits™ it was because we were too limited. We couldn’t touch enough lives with our own two hands. We needed more “boots on the ground” so to speak.

Now, we’ve multiplied ourselves to reach not just those from our own community, but in communities all across the USA and Canada to provide a Balanced Habits™ Füducation and save lives. To date, with our own hands and the hands of our valued Balanced Habits™ Authorized Partners, we have “empowered nearly 195,000 people to live a higher quality of life.” Which so happens to be our Mission Statement; mission accomplished!

We’re recruiting for more Balanced Habits™ Authorized Partners to empower their communities to live a higher quality of life.

Contact us today to find out what it would mean to partner brands together to make 2020 the year you made a monumental difference.

Call Paul 970-594-8088 or Set up a Meeting using this link.

In the meantime, download this report so you are aware of the Science Behind our nutrition programming.