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“The ones who are CRAZY ENOUGH to think that they can CHANGE THE WORLD are the ONES WHO DO”
–Steve Jobs

Has Your Original Motivation Remained?

When I founded Balanced Habits™ my motivation was to render the diet industry irrelevant. That has not changed one bit. I doubt there is one diet company that really set out to help people. Help them give up their money is more like it.

I have never thought that the diet industry had their customers best interest in mind. As a $71 billion dollar a year industry, they sure sell lot of sh….stuff. We all know that diets “work”… least initially. Which is their hook. Look, I am all for being in business to earn a living but I place a lot of stock in companies who actually have their customer’s best interest in mind.

Hard to imagine diet industry CEO’s sitting around a conference table saying; How can we help more people this year to be healthy? 

That’s precisely why I’ve always envisioned the fitness industry consuming the diet industry and bringing that insane annual revenue into an industry who actually set out to help people achieve better overall health. Doesn’t it make more sense to combine fitness + nutrition?

What about a nutrition company that created customized eating programs with one-on-one coaching, education, guidance, behavior modification strategies, provided fitness recommendations, and suggested nutritional supplements to compliment the program?

Does that sound like something the diet industry could wrap their head around?
Or does that sound exactly like the way the fitness industry would approach it?

I’m going with the latter, and that’s exactly what Balanced Habits™ was built to provide.
Although for whatever reason fitness club operators just do not seem to see it as clearly as I do, the CEO of Balanced Habits™.

I cannot tell you how odd it is that the majority of fitness clubs are leaving money on the table by not providing this lucrative DEPARTMENT in their clubs. Like so odd. To the point I am questioning what I am doing at times. Trying to “convince people” to provide a customized and scalable nutrition solution for their members that brings in serious revenue and provides a true “USP” (unique selling position) was never something I set out to do.
I had no idea that was going to be necessary.

So, if your original motivation is to truly help people to obtain or reclaim overall better health, how long can you avoid providing a nutrition solution?

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