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Most everyone has experienced it.

Your day is going perfectly fine and then it hits you…

A wave of fatigue engulfs your body, which could result in you making errors and mistakes, a decrease in your motivation and an overall lack of productivity.

There are many potential causes of fatigue during the day (lack of sleep, lack of physical exercise, too much alcohol to name a few) but food choices are one of the main culprits.

Below are three categories of energy zapping foods you should especially avoid; and then we have also included 4 foods that are known to cause drowsiness that you may not be aware of.

Three Categories of Food You Should Avoid

#1 Refined Carbohydrates – Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates that have the nutrients and fiber removed.  They are known as “empty calories.”  The problem with refined carbs is that they can cause a spike in your blood sugar level.

#2 Highly Processed Foods – Highly processed foods have very little or no nutritional value. They are often made with refined flour and lots of sugar, salt and various types of fat. Unprocessed whole foods like an apple or orange are easily digestible into your blood stream and will energize your cells with actual nutrients. 

Note: Fast food and junk food are highly processed and included in this category.

#3 Fatty Foods Similar to highly processed foods, fatty foods are harder for your body to digest.   They require more energy from your body which can make you feel zapped.

4 Specific Foods That Can Make You Feel Tired During The Day

Bananas Bananas are high in magnesium.  Magnesium is an essential mineral that aids with sleep.  Dawn Napoli, R.D. who works for Orlando Health, says that “High-magnesium foods like banana, pumpkin seeds, and halibut can make you tired.

Cherries – Cherries contain melatonin which is a hormone known to improve the quality of one’s sleep, which means you might want to save them as a snack near bedtime.

Salmon & Halibut – These fish are a source of the vitamin B6.  B6 is what the body uses to make melatonin which makes sleep more inviting.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal, of course, is a breakfast favorite for many people.  But if you feel tired later on, it could be the culprit. Oats are also rich in melatonin.

It’s not a coincidence that the three categories above (refined carbohydrates, highly-processed foods, and fatty foods) consist of foods you’ll want to limit eating as part of a healthy diet.  That said, if you sometimes feel tired during the day, it could have something to do with what you’re eating.  Cut down on the above and focus more on whole foods and you can’t help but have more energy throughout your day.

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