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By Emily Graham

Most of us want to improve our health, but it can be difficult to narrow down the plethora of advice we are inundated with on a regular basis. What’s most important? Where should you start? Investing time and energy in your health is always a step in the right direction, but there are certain strategies you can adopt that will give you the best results. 

It is important to remember that health goes well beyond weight lifting and cardio — it is a full mind-body effort. A healthy brain and body will improve your quality of life and make daily living more enjoyable.

Fitness for the Health of It

As you consider a fitness routine, think about workouts that will help your entire body. For cardio workouts, aim for 150 minutes per week for the best results. Cardio workouts include a range of exercises such as jogging, swimming, jumping jacks, boxing, and countless others. For instance, if you have access to a year-round pool, swimming laps is an incredible full-body and cardio workout. 

When it comes to building muscle and shedding fat, consider the benefits of strength training. If you want a variety of cardio and strength training ideas, consider using fitness apps to give your workouts a boost. A smartwatch can allow you to monitor your workout, track progress, and even listen to music. Some wireless providers offer deals on smartwatches, along with bands and screen protectors, so you can purchase these items at a discount

Mental Wellness for the Win

Working out will boost your endorphins, which is great for physical and mental health. But mental health is also a key component of health. Decrease your stress levels to stay mentally and physically well. A simple way to reduce stress is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. In everyday life, we are so busy tending to daily tasks that we sometimes forget to check in with ourselves. A simple self-check-in can tell us a lot about our mental wellness. 

Environmental factors can also impact mental wellness. Consider refreshing your home and creating a more vibrant space to relieve tension. Distress related to family complaints, arguing, or criticism can wear on you and impact the energy within your home. Declutter, clean, and let in fresh air — you might be surprised at the positive results a healthy environment can offer.  Practicing healthy communication with family can also improve relationships in the home and reduce tension. 

To wrap it up, a macronutrient approach to nutrition allows you to live a really “normal” life, enjoying all the foods you have learned to enjoy. Between the incredible results people get from this approach, to the boost in confidence understanding how to properly nourish your body, there is no better plan for sustainability.

Digestive Health and Nutrition

Along with emotional wellness and physical fitness, proper nutrition can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. Your mind and body benefit from a diverse nutritional plan that incorporates a variety of healthy foods. Nutrition creates an optimal atmosphere for your body to function at its best. 

Food is fuel for your mind and body, and eating the right things can improve your body’s varying functions. Shoot for a well-balanced menu that includes whole foods and plant-based options. For brain and heart health, increase your intake of Omega-3 through foods such as wild salmon, and eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to ensure that you are getting a good mix of vitamins for your overall wellness.

If you’re having difficulty putting together a healthy diet, work with the food coaching experts at Balanced Habits. We can help you discover the right nutrition plan based on your needs.

As you work toward optimal health for your mind and body, consider finding ways to have fun with it. Health and wellness can be enjoyable for you and your family when you commit to a lifestyle that honors your mind and body. Get started today!

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