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Lately lots of folks have been asking me if I believe in willpower.  I hadn’t given much thought to this, until recently.  When people suggest that I must have incredible willpower, my response has always been the same.  No, I have incredible commitment to my goals.  Same thing?

Last week I suggested you identify your “why.” I did so because it is my belief that when you have this in mind, the commitment to your goals takes on a deeper meaning.  Is this willpower?  I don’t think so.

I recently read a great article by Jessica Gross. She is a NY based writer who was delving into the studies of researcher Brian Wansink and the notion that eating well and willpower do not go hand-in-hand.  You may have heard of Mr. Wansink.  He authored a book called Slim by Design.  Please take a minute to read this article/study.

What is clear is that willpower has nothing to do with eating right.  We are motivated by our environment, and our peers and we make decisions based on these factors.  You’ve heard the saying “don’t eat with your eyes.”  That is exactly what Mr. Wansink uncovers in this research project.

I think we all intuitively know strategies to not have to make constant choices about how much or what we eat but how well do we do with implementing these strategies?  In example, opaque containers, no cookies jars on the counter, smaller plates…things that don’t require “willpower,” or in truth, making a choice to eat it or not to eat it.  Lessening the chances of indulging in a sense.

Now that you have identified your “why,” and are aware that willpower has nothing to do with losing weight, the next step is to identify what your goals mean to you and how committed you are to reaching them.  On a scale of 1 – 10, how committed are you to x?  Remember please to remove trying to be perfect from the equation.  Perfection has nothing to do with commitments.

You could say that your why now has momentum to take you to the next stage of your journey, or whatever it is that you are committed to.

If you feel you would benefit from having a Food Coach support you with your journey, we have someone waiting and willing to work with you on that.  We have a plan for you and believe that everyone needs a plan (designed exclusively for them) to forge a new path to success.

Get into touch with us now that you’ve identified your why and your goal and let us devise a plan to help you stay committed to the journey.


Carolyn Fetters of Balanced Habits, LLC


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