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Finally Friday; and you’ve got plans!

You’re going to make a run to the store and prep some food for the next week.

I’m not even saying you have to make full on meals; I’m saying just prep food so you can throw together meals in a jiffy.

Here’s how:

Get to the store; scoot; go now

  • Shop the perimeter of the store. There isn’t much you need up n down those aisle of possible triggers; except maybe peanut butter, corn tortillas, rice cakes, oatmeal, oh, and toilet paper! 🙂
  • Make a list- and stick to it!
  • Buy in bulk as much as possible for your protein. If you choose to eat chicken for 5 meals that week, calculate your ounces of chicken and cook it for the week.

*Example 3 oz per meal of cooked protein x 5 meals = 15 oz so you’d cook 1.5 lb of chicken (remember meat “shrinks” when you cook it)

  • Chicken/turkey/lean mean sausage and frozen meatballs are life-savers!
  • Get eggs- fresh, hard boiled, or even liquid. Whatever makes your life convenient.
  • Need any protein powder or meal replacement bars for your busy, go-go-go life? Don’t be caught without em and end up in a drive-thru, all hangry-like, and losing your common sense and willpower. #true-story<<<Don’t be that guy.

Now you prep like a boss

  • Stop cooking your green veggies, broccoli and green beans. Freeze them and just add them to your zip-loc baggies frozen. When you reheat your food the veggies get cooked but stay firm. Baggies save big time.
  • Make up the majority of your protein for the week to get a head start on a bunch of meals for your busy week ahead. Hard boil eggs. Make some Tuna Salad. BBQ several chicken breasts, turkey sausage links, turkey burger patties…etc.
  • Prep your veggies to make it a snap to grab the right carb choice! Make up either a giant bag of mixed veggies, or portion them out to save precious time in the morning.
  • Make up a bunch of Turkey Deli Meat & Cheese roll-ups at one time assembly line style. Wrap your portions for each day and you’re good to go.
  • Saturday is marinate day & Sunday is always prep day.
  • Hard-boil those eggs if you prefer to eat them that way throughout the week.
  • Did you get melon? Prep it when you have time…don’t wait till Wednesday morning when you want some cantaloupe and you don’t have time to bust that guy open…cut, peel, chop, refrigerate on the weekend so it is accessible throughout the week.

Make this a ritual you dedicate a few little hours to each weekend and you will find your weeks less stressful, healthier, and maybe your clothes feeling a little looser!

Win x Win x Win

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