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“Oh, I’m just doing this thing

If you’ve ever dieted, you’ve probably had to/chosen to tell someone that you were. You may have said something like “I’m on a diet, so I can’t eat that.” Or “I’m trying this thing right now. I want to lose weight.”

Some way or another you may have admitted to attempting to lose weight.

A gentleman I got acquainted with recently openly spoke about his current weight loss efforts.

He said, “I’m trying this whole KETO thing. It sucks. I’m hating it, but Hey, I think it’s working.”

A lady I live near recently told me, “I’m just not eating carbs; I gained like 10 pounds this summer.”

Another friend, “My friend is doing only protein shakes twice a day, so I’m going to try that.”

On one hand, of course I am proud of them for putting their health first. They all have different reasons to lose weight, but the truth is, a lower weight is USUALLY associated with better health markers.

What I wanted to ask each of them was, and the purpose of this message is “How long can you do this thing?”

Or …

“Does what you’re doing support and fit into your lifestyle?”

Or especially to the mister who said “it sucks…”

“Can you do this for the rest of your life, or even after you hit your goal?”

If you’re doing something you can’t see yourself being able to sustain long term, we should chat.

You need a daily diet A.K.A “way of eating” that supports you, your lifestyle, and you goals, not diet.

Get the difference?

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