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I have never been so excited about a new cooking machine, like ever!

For the record I have: a few Crock Pots, an Instant Pot, a Rice Cooker, a Microwave, a Toaster Oven, a Kitchen Aide mixer, a Ninja Blender and now… Air Fryer.  

I have been hearing so much about these magical machines I asked Santa to bring me one…and thank goodness heard me.

One of the benefits of participating in a Balanced Habits™ nutrition program is that we provide cleaner-healthier versions of recipes that everyone tends to love.  Although, what sets our recipes apart, (besides how delish they are), is the customized portioning.

Why Do I Love This New Kitchen Machine, The Air Fryer?

To understand what they accomplish might be helpful. And trust me, these machines are truly magical. The “magic” comes in the form of a heating element and circulating fan that helps push hot air around the air fryer and essentially fries your recipes with hot air.  It’s a healthier way to cook foods without all the added calories and extra fats that come from deep fryers and tons of cooking oil. How cool is that?  The New York Times recently featured this hot new product.

Each machine has a cooking “basket” with a tray that unwanted (and in most cases; unhealthy) fats drain down into for simple clean up.  You can cook almost anything with your Air Fryer too. 

To learn at rapid speed I joined a Face Book group called: Easy Air Fryer Recipes, which has been such a pleasant benefit. Everyone is so generous with their recipes complete with pictures, cooking temperature and cooking time. I am blown away with all the things that can be made using this one little machine that is no larger than a high-end Espresso Maker.  

The thing about cooking is that it can be time consuming, intimidating and let’s face it, trying to figure out WHAT to cook is about the last thing anyone likes doing…day after day….week after week. Ugh.  As a mother to four children, if I had a nickel for every time they asked me “what are we having for dinner?” I could have retired at 40!

So, as someone, who experienced this for so many years, it was important for me to help others with a plan to simplify and improve their lives.  Now, one of the most reported benefits I hear from our Balanced Habits™ program participants is that they love not only how simple and great our recipes are, but they love having a daily/weekly plan of meals to prepare, complete with a grocery list.  And now, I’ll be excited to hear how FAST they can whip together an awesome and balanced meal in record time using the Air Fryer.  I plan to be adding directions using the Air Fryer into recipes to “KISS” or keep it super simple for all our program participants. 

Because of my enthusiasm and delight with this kitchen machine that will certainly replace about THREE machines I rarely bother with, we have decided to spread the word with our Balanced Habits™ family & friends…and hopefully their friends!   The more you spread the word, the more chances you have to own your own Air Fryer for FREE!!

On February 1st we plan to launch our first ever RAFFLE to win the same brand of Air Fryer we use in the Balanced Habits™ HQ Test-Kitchen; the Cosori® Air Fryer Machine.  Be on the lookout for details and opportunities to enter your name into our raffle coming soon. The raffle will end  Valentines Day, February 14th and the winner will be announced on February 21st! Good luck!

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