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Unfortunately consumer research regarding the Fitness Industry doesn’t bode well for membership gyms. Analytics regarding consumer behavior demonstrate a solid reluctance to going back to a membership gym. What can you do to combat that? Here are a few suggestions that create opportunity:

Place a Greater Focus on Fitness Tech

Maybe tech isn’t something that you’ve previously incorporated into your group fitness, but more members will use it in the future. Throughout 2020, many people started using fitness apps and wearables to support their at-home workouts better.

It is suggested you encourage members to use fitness tech to help them be accountable to themselves, and in some cases one another.

Maybe further down the line, you’ll want to incorporate tech into your gym – think along the lines of the heart-rate monitors used in an Orangetheory class.

Accountability is the key differentiator, and incorporating fitness tech can help you make sure your members are responsible for their progress.

A High Percentage are Hesitant to Return to Normality

While your members have been enjoying your online workouts, many of them will have missed their fitness in the company of others. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be jumping back in and picking up where they left off once your doors re-open.

It may be a while before your members feel totally comfortable going back to their full routine. However, you can still encourage them, help them maintain consistency, and build their confidence.

Try these three confidence building-community minded strategies

Keep members updated: communicate regularly as classes and capacity begins to get back on track. Communicate safety for the collective, not just the individual. Communication means you care and your brand is dedicated to the entire community.

Be transparent: although it will be difficult to not fall prey to the same message every other club is promising their community; make sure your brand exudes total transparency of the steps you are taking to prepare for their return. Do this is a way that feels authentic and unique to your brand and how you specifically serve your community.

Offer support: While members may feel hesitant about returning, make it clear that your online services are still being offered: you’re still providing the same classes, value, and support that you’ve offered since the world took this turn from normalcy. Monitor fear levels of your members and make sure your support speaks to any lingering fear they are holding.

There have been three consumer groups throughout

These are the three consumer groups to be aware of as your brand focuses on your marketing efforts.

While there are a variety of new behaviors, consumers are most trusting of those companies that have been there for them and seen them through this trying time. Ideally this describes your fitness club.

In your efforts of developing your business to be “essential,” consider the nature of that effort. What can you provide, or what do you provide that is truly essential to your communities overall health & wellness? Fitness is just a small component of overall health & wellness. Medically-based Nutrition programming is the fastest essential service you can implement. This service provides ample marketing strategies and transformative results, both of which provide priceless marketing assets.

What services do you or will you provide that separates your business from the pack, provides undeniable value and is indeed essential in the eyes of your members? Knowing and sharing this information is how your business will come back stronger than ever before.



Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
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