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The coaches at Balanced Habits WANT you to incorporate the program and way of eating ( and drinking) into your lifestyle. Why have you practice something that you won’t be able to do long term? If your social life isn’t going to change, then, why fight it and give up completely?

Here are a few tips for you social butterflies

1. Drink liquor vs. wine or beer as it generally has less sugar and you can drink less to obtain “that feeling” if that is what you are going for

2. Eat before you go out

3. Take charge! Pick a place you are comfortable with the menu items and know you can stay closer to your preferred-better eating habits

4. You can say “no”. It is OK to not say “yes” to every invitation. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. Learn to prioritize your partying and choose the more significant events to attend and where to indulge.

5. Always order water with your meal or beverage. Drink lots of water throughout the outing

6. Get back in the saddle the next meal or day. If you have an early outing like a brunch, make sure to eat clean the rest of the day to compensate for any damage you may have done earlier. If it was an evening/night event, get back to it the very next day. “Detox” if you will with clean foods, raw veggies, fruits, and lots of water!

7. Try to put a gap between your indulging days. 3 days in a row, like you “Weekend Warrior” types can do more damage than spacing them out throughout the week leaving some space in between indulgences.

However, with those tips, it is our responsibility as coaches to tell you a few things

1. Even though you are social, it does not warrant the constant excuse to over eat and drink. You have to do so with moderation.

2. If your life is super busy and kinda unpredictable- YOU have to be stable in your food and drink choices…that means being prepared.

3. There are strategies to eat and drink clean- you just have to implement the strategies, not put them off for the next day.

4. You will absolutely get closer to your goal the closer you stick to your plan. BUT! Keep your expectations for yourself in line with the reality of your life.

Go live your life, but take care of yourself too. You can ABSOLUTELY do both.

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