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Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which usually means a long weekend that may include long bouts of indulging.

First and foremost, in regards to this holiday, we HAVE to remember what it is truly about- it is to honor those who have served and perished in our military. We are forever in debt to them. If you’re a veteran or had/have family members that are/were- we sincerely thank you for your service.

Now, for many, this is a long holiday weekend, and therefore “weekend-type” festivities go on for maybe longer than usual. I am not here to party poop- however, I want you to re-read what I wrote above- just to keep it all in perspective.

On top of that, in regards to whether you are or are not watching what you eat/drink, whether short term or that is just how you live, we wanted to offer some advice for the festivities:

1. It’s better to have a plan to reference going into the holiday than wing it. So if you have not “started” maybe today is a good time to implement some boundaries and strategies if you plan to attend functions revolving around food and drinks

2. It’s better to be “starting now” than waiting till more damage is done and swimming upstream AFTER the weekend is over.

3. This and every other holiday will come each and every year. Not to mention there is ALWAYS another holiday, event, excuse right around the corner. So learn to live comfortably with these situations. Have plans, strategies, and confidence

4. Prioritize your indulgences and functions. Choose something you might be looking forward to to partake in, like whatever dessert is there and enjoy that “vice”. Also remember, you do NOT have to say “yes” to everything you are invited to!

5. Don’t try to be perfect, just be better than you may normally be, be mindful of your goals and get back on track asap.

6. Practice saying “I don’t” vs. “I can’t”- it really puts you back in the drivers’ seat with control. Your language and attitude going into the weekend will affect how it goes.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Take Care of YOU!

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