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Do you know the one nutrient that’s key to colon health; FIBER.  Fiber is what helps “flush” out all those nasty toxins and useless waste. But here’s the thing – very few people get enough fiber. One study found that if people who barely consumed any fiber in their diets, that if they just doubled their intake…their risk of colorectal cancer would drop by a staggering 40%!

Eating more fiber and “cleansing” your colon can lead to lowered risk of cancer, more energy, being more vibrant, feeling lightness, and even provide comfort to your abdominal region. 

Good sources of fiber include nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds (i.e. pumpkin and sunflower). Another excellent food source which helps restore regularity is a natural, pro-biotic yogurt. Not all yogurts provide this benefit, so read the label carefully. Flax seed is also an easy way to get extra fiber and colon-friendly nutrients into your diet.  Ground flax seed can be added to smoothies, cereals and sprinkled on your pro-biotic yogurt with fruit and seeds! Flax seed is one of the best foods you can consume for intestinal health.

Here is a list of a few of the best vegetables and fruits that are excellent “cleaners and removers of waste”

kale, or other dark leafy lettuces, avocados, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, yams, mango, papaya, apples, grapes, and berries.

The list really continues, but if you notice one thing that these choices have in common, it’s their bright color! Anti-oxidants are also a very crucial part of a healthy colon. Bright colors with vegetables and fruits are a great indicator of the amount of power-house contributing effects to not only a healthy colon, but over-all health in general. Think vegetables and fruits that have skin and seeds…anything that your colon/intestines have to “work” at to break down, is a great source of fiber that will cleanse your colon of the toxic waste build-up!

Take control of your colon health TODAY!  Colon health is VERY important to your over-all health. DON’T ignore it.

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