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“The Secret of Longevity”

That’s how Dr. Joel Fuhrman described them in his book, The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life. He goes on to say that they possess vital cancer-fighting agents, help fight inflammation, block the growth of tumors – some even inhibit the accumulation of fat on the body. What are these seemingly superhuman elements? “Phytochemicals”

The good news is Fuhrman says that to date researchers have discovered more than ten thousand of them. What are they? The hint is in the name. “Phyto” is the Greek word for plant.

Phytochemicals are plant compounds that are not already classified as vitamins or minerals. And here’s the really great part…When you eat a plant that contains them, those same self-protection characteristics are passed on to you.

Here are 6 of the Better Known Phytochemicals


Great for bone, skin and vision health. Also protects the immune system.

Food sources
Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, winter squash, cantaloupe, apricots, spinach, collard greens, kale, broccoli. 🍠


Reducing your cholesterol level, helping with inflammation, menopause. Good for bone and joint health. And reducing cancer especially breast cancer.

Food sources
Soybeans, chick peas, alfalfa, peanuts, green beans. 🥜

Ingredients for healthy balanced meals

Good for heart health. Protects against cancer especially prostrate cancer.

Food sources
Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, red peppers, watermelon, wolfberry, papaya, pink guava, seabuckthorn, autumn olive. 🍅

antioxidant packed blueberries for healthy weight loss

Excellent for blood vessel health.

Food sources
Blueberries, blackberries, plums, cranberries, raspberries, red onions, red potatoes, red radishes, strawberries, eggplant. 🍓


Heart and Eye Health. Protects against cancers.

Food sources
Collard greens, kale, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuces, artichokes, carrots, zucchini 🥦


Protects against cancer and inflammation. Good for lung and heart health.

Food sources
Red wine, peanuts, grapes, fruit of the mulberry. 🍇

Bottom line is if you want to live healthier and longer…
Eat your fruits & veggies!

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