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You can freeze cheese!  Don’t ever waste cheese again.


You can use a zester to grate just a little bit of cheese for your pasta.


To distinguish hard boiled eggs from fresh eggs, dye them w/used coffee grounds when boiling.


The older the egg, the better it peels when you hard boil them. Look for One Week Old eggs.


Use plain dental floss in your kitchen to easily cut soft cheeses.


Garlic Butter is easy to make w/ your garlic press. Combine minced or mashed garlic into softened butter, press and voila!


Don’t waste Coconut Milk once you’ve opened a can (or a coconut). Make Ice cubes and always have some on hand.


Hate wasting fresh herbs? Make Herb-Butter instead!  Finely chop the herbs and make a compound w/ soft butter, shape it into a small log if you desire, wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it. Use dental floss or a grater to use what you need as you go.


Don’t know how to make an Omelet?  Make it in a small skillet.  Before you fold it, run the skillet under the broiler for 20 seconds.  This process fluffs the eggs, melts the insides and cooks completely through.


Need to shave Parmesan? Use a vegetable peeler.

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