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8 Principles of Good Health

  • Air
  • Water
  • Sunshine
  • Exercise
  • Whole Foods
  • Relationships
  • Passion
  • Rest

The word “health” has become somewhat misunderstood.  The body positive movement challenges the definition of health.  
A positive body image is associated with better self-esteem, self-acceptance and healthy lifestyle behaviors, including a balanced approach to food and physical activity.  Listen to this excellent podcast snippet from Dr. Peter Attia; a Leading Longevity Doctor. He talks about health here for 30 seconds:

Is health a look or is it a lifestyle?

I’ve been a professional in health and wellness space for three + decades and I have witnessed several iterations of what is perceived as “being healthy.” Because most people tend to be visual, it’s quite common to identify a healthy person by how they look, just as we also might define someone who looks ill: “Whoa, they don’t look healthy.”

In the fitness world, the definition of health is further tested, but in most cases, being healthy is defined by how “fit” someone looks or how “lean” they are. However, there are plenty of “fit people” who are anything but healthy!

What is a healthy lifestyle?

It’s clear that a healthy lifestyle relies more on the ⬆︎ 8 Principles of Good Health; as it is all encompassing and includes many aspects of how someone actually lives.  Does that resonate with you?

When I named this company “Balanced Habits™,” I did so because I felt that if someone can live their life with more balance, in all aspects, their overall lifestyle would be positively affected by this approach.

Now that Balanced Habits™ has been exclusively operating virtually, direct to consumer, we are seeing more people embracing health from a broader perspective than just what they look likeThis is great news and very encouraging. 

It also supports our efforts to help people understand the importance of making better choices with the food they are nourishing their body with. 
Our client’s are transforming more than just their body, which definitely suggests sustainability. 


Balanced Habits

Balanced Habits is a role model for healthy lifestyles. We are teachers and mentors of proper nutritional habits and our core values include inspiring and empowering people to live a higher quality of life.