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Part 1 of a Two Part Blog Series

By Carolyn Fetters & Katy Gaastra

If you’re reading this blog, I’ll assume that you’re an adult. An adult who has lived, let’s say — at least four or more decades of life. Aging has this uncanny ability to remind us that what we used to be capable of in our younger years may have changed slightly, or even dramatically. How many times have you re-lived something you did that was physically remarkable?  IE: “When I was 30 years old, I placed first in that half marathon!” 

For better or worse, we are different people today than we were at 25 years old. However, this doesn’t stop us from comparing ourselves to the person we used to be. It’s as though who we are today is less than. Never mind that we have likely accomplished some pretty incredible feats since we were 25 years old. Maybe we went to school and earned a degree, maybe we became a parent, or maybe we dedicated our life to a career, etc.  

The point is, that back in the day, we could devote more of our time to physical activities, fitness goals, or whatever we were passionate about. Now, we have to carve out time from our busy lives for any physical pursuit. We’re juggling so many things at once that it’s more difficult to focus on just ourselves. Not to mention, we may feel guilty about taking time for ourselves, as though we’re not worth it!

Although, the fact is, many of us continue to compare ourselves to the person we used to be. So instead of dwelling on an potentially unattainable past version of ourselves, let’s acknowledge what we are currently capable of instead of allowing ourselves to feel defeated or frustrated by the changes that come with age and maturity.  

Let’s channel our energy more productively and celebrate what our bodies can do, in spite of all the present obstacles we face, or what we once did. Whatever “it” is for you, I encourage you to take pride in the fact that you’re still at it — Maybe not as fast or as well as you want to, but you’re doing it! Stay tuned for part two of this blog post where I will expand on this concept, plus offer a powerful mindset reframe that will entirely change your perspective about your body and movement.

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