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1 cup White Whole Wheat Flour or
Gluten-free All Purpose Flour – sifted 3x 
1/3 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder sifted with flour 3x
1/2 cup Superfine Sugar, divided
1/4 cup sugar sifted with flour 3x
1/4 tsp. Salt
5 Lg. Egg Whites, at room temperature or
2/3 cup Auqafaba + 1/4 tsp. Cream of Tartar 
1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
1 1/2 cups Strawberries or Cherries, cut in half (about 12 oz. of either)


* Read through directions before starting!
Pre heat oven to 350°F.Lightly spray bottom of a 9-inch round cake pan with coconut oil then line with parchment paper.  Lightly spray the bottom again and dust with flour; set aside.

Step 1

Sift flour, cocoa and 1/4 cup sugar 2x onto a piece of wax or parchment paper. Add salt to sifter but hold off sifting the third time for now.

Step 2

Using an electric mixer or handheld beater, beat egg whites or aquafaba in a clean, cold large bowl until soft peaks form (on medium-high).  With the mixer running, add remaining 1/4 cup sugar, 1 Tbsp. at a time. This is also when you’d add the cream of tartar to the aquafaba. Add vanilla extract.  Continue beating until glossy and smooth and peaks stand up stiff (6 – 10 minutes).

Step 3

Sift flour-cocoa mixture last time over egg whites and (by hand) fold in gently with a wire whisk just until the flour disappears. Do not over-mix.

Step 4

Using a rubber spatula, transfer batter into prepared cake pan.  Smooth out surface.  Arrange berries or cherries evenly over the top.

Step 5

Place into pre heated oven and bake until cake has risen and is just firm to the touch, while still moist on top; about 20 – 23 minutes. To check, insert a toothpick in the center, it should come out with moist crumbs.  Remove from oven to a wire rack to cool slightly. Transfer to a plate if desired, or slice inside cake pan if scratch safe.
A great addition to this dessert would be a small sliver of cake with Low Fat Frozen Yogurt on the side.
A great addition to this dessert would be a small sliver of cake with a dollop of TruWhip (trans-fat free).
Enjoy! ♥

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