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Why are Balanced Habits™ and Shared Vision LLC partnering in this project?

Because together we have a shared vision and….

In late September ’20 Shared Vision LLC and Balanced Habits™ were contracted by United Healthcare’s Optum to enroll boutique fitness clubs to provide the Renew Active Premiere Senior Program.

Due to our longevity in the industry and the countless relationships we’d cultivated over three decades, we were able to sign and distribute a number in the millions of dollars.
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At that point in time, this signing bonus money and future new revenue was extremely appreciated by these clubs, many of which were not even open due to the government mandated closures.

What’s next?

Be prepared for major national and regional healthcare providers that are positioning to launch Lifestyle Modification Pilot Programs to their commercial members within select fitness centers in 2022. These programs will be focused on individuals with chronic issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

This is where Balanced Habits™ comes into the picture.

Besides our current partner clubs providing our nutrition programming, all clubs we sign on will ideally be considered eligible for the Lifestyle Modification Pilot Programs being developed for healthcare’s commercial members.

Balanced Habits™ is the nutrition solution on the radar of the healthcare industry. We already have the lifestyle modification programming providing the outcomes needed for reimbursement, the professional team to execute, the necessary technology, and the in depth knowledge to support a fitness club-oriented member to be successful.

This is why we changed our business model…to meet THIS moment.

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779


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