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With multiple holidays and backyard barbecue’s, summer is not always the easiest time to stick to healthy habits. Try these 10 Health Tips to help you stay in control of your balanced healthy lifestyle!

Tip #1

Offer to be the host of summer get-togethers.  You have more control of the food and beverages offered as well as the time for eating and activities.

Tip #2

Bring dishes you will eat to events to ensure you’ll have something balanced to eat.

Tip #3

BYOB- if you’re going to have alcohol, don’t rely on the liquor, beer, wine and mixers offered by hosts.

Tip #4

NO STRAWS with alcoholic beverages! Make it strong and just sip to extend the amount of time it takes to finish each drink.

Summer Health Tip - Outdoor Activities

Tip #5

Plan family outings that don’t include going out to eat. Think: hikes, walks, family sports…just movement in general.

Tip #6

Keep a food journal to hold yourself accountable and able to uncover your hidden weaknesses.

Tip #7

Pair up with a summer healthy body goal-buddy.

Tip #8

Drink only water with your meals. No need to add more calories or sugar to your diet.

Tip #9

Eat before parties if possible, especially late-night parties.

Tip #10

Don’t “bank” your calories for the get-together then binge when there. Stick to your normal eating patterns even if attending an event.

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