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I love sharing ways our clients “won” in a situation they were nervous about.

Recently a member of our LIFE program ran into this scenario and confided in her coach:

“I’m a little worried about today. I had made plans with a friend weeks ago to go to an event and apparently there will be lots of sweets and wine at the event. So I am trying to mentally prepare myself.”

She admittedly claims to have a “sweet tooth” and oftentimes (prior to committing to herself and the LIFE program) just popped treats like candy and cookies into her mouth whenever they were available.

She was given a few strategies for this one event such as:

  1. Talk to her friend about her goals so she feels accountable

  2. Don’t go- you seriously do not have to go to everything!

  3. Work a glass of wine or a treat INTO your daily recommendations- it sure isn’t ideal or perfect, but it could save your brain from exploding!

When she followed up with her coach- she shared her biggest reason why she was successful, “Because the wine and food weren’t free!”

She didn’t consume any of the “temptations” because she didn’t deem them worthy of her hard-earned dollars.

HEY! Whatever works!

She obviously prioritizes her finances OVER a momentary indulgence…and that even more benefits her health, goals, and conscience.

Could you afford it? Yes; probably? But is it WORTH it? Monetarily, OR from a health/goals perspective.

Where might the money saved benefit you better?

This is one more reason for keeping your “weaknesses” and temptations out of the house (**cough-cough** these darn Girl Scout Cookies). NOT having them near you and easily accessible will make you have to think twice about getting in your car, driving somewhere, and spending money you really didn’t NEED to on whatever it is. The more barriers the better.

I hope you take something away from our member’s wisdom.

Do you have any tried and true practices that help you keep on track?? We’d love to share them with our friends and followers! Share your testimonial here. 

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