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A Message from Your Balanced Habits™ Team

Fall has officially arrived and so has cooler weather, fall sports and busier days. To keep yourself feeling centered, calm and confident with your health and weight goals, being prepared has never been more important.  Having an abundance of foods prepped for a quick meal or snack can be the difference between having lots of energy and supporting your goals or “bonking” and making a bad decision you’ll surely regret.

Balanced habits are important to establish.  When you identify unbalanced habits you’re ready to correct, be sure to create the balanced habit to replace it.  Just saying “I’m going to start drinking more water” is not really a commitment to getting balanced.  Instead, say; “I’m going to only have coffee in the AM hours and enjoy water for all the PM hours.”  Unbalanced habit → balanced habit replacement = healthy new, balanced habit = ☺

Focus on things you can do to prepare your kitchen, such as

1.  Clean your oven before the holidays hit

2.  Pull together some new recipes you want to try during the holidays

3.  Toss spices you haven’t used in 6-12 months

4.  Toss oils and vinegars you haven’t used in 3-6 months

5.  Make a list on your phone of all unused cans, bottles & jars you have in your pantry

As you close out 2021, take a few minutes to write down goals you set for yourself for the year. Put a star beside the ones you surpassed. Pick out three of those you did not, and decide what you can do in these last three months of the year to reach them. PLEASE use language with yourself that is positive and empowering. Count your wins instead of focusing on the targets you didn’t hit. One goal per each of the final months in 2021. You’ve got this!!

Noteworthy & August Fun-Fact Dates

October 1st  World Vegetarian Day, World Smile Day, International Coffee Day

October 4th National Taco Day 

October  13th National Stop Bullying Day

October 16th  Sweetest Day, World Food Day, National Sports Day

October 20th  Full Moon (AKA:  “Blood Moon”) and International Sloth Day 

October 25th   National I Care About You Day

October 29th   National Oatmeal Day

October 31st   Halloween

Have an outasight October!

Balanced Habits News

Did ya know that…..there’s no better time to start working on a life filled with quality, energy, strength, confidence, positivity, and vitality?!  It’s true! Speak to a Balanced Habits™ team member to find out how you can learn exactly what you need to do to get on track with your physical wellbeing!  It’s never too late to begin and always a great time to start!

Balanced Habits™ Recipe of the Month

A Great Snack!


Butcher Cut Deli Turkey Meat

Hard Boiled Egg


Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter


Two Unit Portion

1 oz. turkey breast meat

1 whole egg

4 – 3” celery logs

1 Tbsp. nut butter

1 Tbsp. raisins

Three Unit Portion

2 oz. turkey breast meat

1 whole egg

6 – 3” celery logs

1 1/2 Tbsp. nut butter

1 1/2 Tbsp. raisins

Four Unit Portion

3 oz. turkey breast meat

1 whole egg

8 – 3” celery logs

2 Tbsp. nut butter

1 Tbsp. raisins

Five Unit Portion

4 oz. turkey breast meat

1 whole egg

10 – 3” celery logs

2 1/2 Tbsp. nut butter

2 Tbsp. raisins

If you are not hitting your goals as quickly as you’d like, we’ll show you a way you can. 
Speak to a coach today by clicking here. 🖱️

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