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I’m sure you’re thinking, yah- cup to mouth, sip, swallow… duh! But, can we cut in for a moment and give you some pointers on drinking coffee, the Balanced Habits™ way?

DISCLAIMER! There is nothing wrong with coffee!

Balanced Habits™ is not against it in any way….we just want to help you understand the most effective way to consume it without it sneakily disrupting your other goals.

So, 1. What to put in it…or what not.

For the least interference with fasting or fat burning, black is best. Now, some people cannot stomach black coffee, so they add in either a sweetener like sugar/sugar substitute, and/or a creamer/milk. If you’re OK with sugar subs like artificial sweeteners or Stevia, those are best in terms of eliminating or reducing calorie intake. If you’re not a fan of artificial sweeteners, and use sugar, see if you can use less…then less than that later. Your taste-buds WILL get used to it.
Yes. They. Will.

And same with creamer. Sugar free will do what I said above- reduce daily calorie intake, otherwise organic options are best…and then reducing how much you put in.

Any creamer or milk with any calories will get your body thinking, “Hey I’m getting calories, I no longer need to be using my stored fat for energy, ” so choose according to your goals.

2. When to drink it.

Using your natural circadian rhythm and food is ideal for energizing and fueling your body. Meaning, we’d love it if just the natural Merry Shunshine were enough to wake you up…but we get it, it isn’t always. So, if you need a cup-o-Joe in the AM, go for it. Drink it, then move on.

Drinking it with breakfast, even better. Why? Because this way you’re consuming calories within 1 heap of time, therefore giving your body a break from thinking, “Hey I’m getting calories, I no longer need to be using my stored fat for energy.” This also means don’t sip it over a couple hours period. If it is black, less of an impact, but the reason is because the longer you sip, and there are calories in your coffee, you’re still telling your body, “Hey I’m getting calories, I no longer need to be using my stored fat for energy.” You’re losing precious opportunities to burn fat while not eating food. Uh, no thank you. As for your afternoon “pick-me-up”, if you can learn how to better control your blood sugar throughout the day, you may realize you do not need it anymore…that is ideal. Keep on loving your coffee, friend. We hope these tips on what, and what not, to put it in and when the ideal time to consume its warm yum-ness do you some justice.

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