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3 Month LIFE
Developing a lifestyle approach of healthy living should be an enjoyable process that makes sense and is easily adapted. Having your own Nutrition Coach explain how and why food physically and emotionally affects you makes it a much easier process to create a lifestyle of healthier eating. By learning some simple but key nutrition principles, everything will fall into place with ease.

We’re called “Balanced Habits” because, while everyone has habits, they don’t all have balanced habits……
yet. Current habit development research shows that it actually takes a full 90 days for new habits to develop and endure. This is why the minimum length of our lifestyle nutrition program was developed to last a full 90 days; to get the most ideal results for our clients looking to create the life and body they want.
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The Program Outline

Month #1

During Phase 1, you and your Coach will begin the process of developing a nutrition plan built around you, your goals, and your lifestyle. You’ll learn about balanced nutrition, meal creation, and how and why your food choices affect you the way they do. What will be most noticeable during this initial phase will be incredible improvements to your physique, energy levels, sleep, and mental state.

Month #2

You’re totally focused on your new healthier lifestyle during Phase 2 by developing strategies and skills that work for you. The clothes stored in the back of the closet are making their way to the front again! We devote this month to developing more balanced routines that previously held you back from the life and body you desire. Phase 2 is key to sustainability and your Coach will guide you every step of the way.

Month #3

This is the final and most crucial phase. The over-riding goal is to ensure you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle any situation life presents. Your metabolism is now very active and everyone will be blown away with the visual changes you’ve made, driving your resolve to never go backward. Because you’ve conquered your initial goals you’ll set new goals with the support of your Coach.

Program Features & Benefits

balanced mexican bowl to lose weight the healthy way
✅ Personal Coaching to provide additional guidance, accountability, and strategy development to stay committed to your health goals so they become second nature and sustainable.
✅ LIFE Digital Booklet, Mobile App, & Journal to learn how and why a macronutrient based eating plan is what your body has been craving all along. Having all the tools and resources at your fingertips ensures you will be successful.
✅ Meal Planning, Recipes, & Macronutrient Pack & Go Chart because there is something so powerful about having a true “road map” each meal and each day to simplify your life. Discover what works best for you and your body.
✅ Scheduled Check-ins & Journal Reviews because having your own Food Coach that really gets you, your lifestyle and your goals is what will propel you to overcome and conquer anything that’s been holding you back.