Thank You For Your Testimonial Submission!

Would you be willing to record a video too? Below are some tips on how you can create a great video testimonial quick & easy!

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Tip #1

Don’t overthink it. There’s no right or wrong answer. A good testimonial doesn’t have to be perfectly filmed or edited. Take your selfie-style video anywhere you feel most comfortable and just speak from the heart.

Tip #2

Record multiple small snippets. It can get overwhelming getting all of your thoughts out in one shot. Instead, you can focus on answering just one question in one smaller video, and submit each response individually.

Tip #3

A good way to begin your response is to first state the question you are about to answer.
For example, you could say –
“I decided to participate in the program because….”

Tip #4

Feel free to say anything you want. Below we provided a few potential questions as guidelines, but you do not have to answer those specific questions. We encourage you to share anything you want to share.
Max. file size: 1 GB.
Tell Us About Why You Decided To Participate In Your Program
Max. file size: 1 GB.
Tell Us About What You Experienced Throughout Your Program and How It Was Different From Previous Weight Loss Attempts
Max. file size: 1 GB.
Tell Us How Your Life Has Improved Since Your Program and Why Others Should Try Balanced Habits?