Healthy Weight Loss in 4 Weeks,
Sustainable Weight Management in 3 Months

Lose weight the healthy way in 90 days, and keep it off!

The Healthy & Sustainable Way to Achieve Results

Any diet can achieve rapid weight loss; yet few plans help you lose fat in a healthy way. Most diets fail because they require drastic sacrifices that most people can’t maintain long-term.

Balanced Habits is different.

Our plans are laser-focused on achieving the same quick initial results, but in the healthiest way possible. We work to find the right balance of everything you want and need to reach your goals while feeling satisfied all day, every day.

The Goal Is Long-Term Consistency Through Healthy Choices That You Enjoy

balanced eating approach to healthy weight loss

Why 3 Months?

The 90 Day Healthy Weight Loss Strategy
Whenever someone undergoes a lifestyle improvement, the most drastic changes occur within the first 30 days. However, changes rarely persist beyond the first month without addressing a more long-term strategy. The 60 days following a 4 week nutrition/fitness transformation are vital because that is when one builds the strategies to retain their new habits and learn how to recover from relapses that are bound to appear from time to time.

Each Month Gets You Closer to Lifelong Results

90 day healthy weight loss
90 day healthy weight loss month 1 plan
90 day healthy weight loss month 2 plan
90 day healthy weight loss month 3 plan

Ready to Master Your Lifestyle?

90 Day Healthy Weight Loss

Program Includes…

    to determine the ideal amount and frequency of your meals to reach your specific goals.
    with your Certified Nutrition Coach to provide the guidance & accountability needed for you to stay committed to your goals every step of the way.
    that provides your daily lessons, motivation, and the support you need to successfully navigate any program length.
    that build on improving your mindset & behavior to achieve consistency and results that you can independently maintain.
Begin with Your Month One Transformation ($199)
Then $199 per month for Full Lifestyle Revival (Months 2 & 3)

Stop the weight-loss/weight-gain cycle through the habit-based 90 day healthy weight loss approach to eating today!

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