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Weight gain while most of us are socially distancing and sheltering in place has become a national joke.

I’m sure you’ve seen memes, videos, etc making light of the circumstances insinuating weight gain is kinda the norm and almost the “for sure.”

I personally, am not offended by them, nor do I have a problem with anyone trying to give others a laugh right now.

HOWEVER!, by nature of our profession of Food Coaches, I wanted to address it because I do not want it to become your truth if you don’t want it to be.

You are not destined to HAVE to gain weight while we are sheltering in place. It is not an absolute. It is not your fate. You do not HAVE to.

Read this paragraph again, out-loud, while clapping along with the syllables.

You Are Not Destined To HAVE To Gain Weight While We Are Sheltering In Place.

It Is Not An Absolute.

It Is Not Your Fate.

You Do Not HAVE To.

If you’re worried about it- let’s look at WHY you MIGHT gain weight right now.

  • Could you blame inactivity? Well you could- but, hey, don’t be inactive. Whether you like to or not, you absolutely can move your body, break a sweat and burn calories at home/in the home/close to home; inside or outside.
  • Could you blame WHAT you eat? Well you could- but, you are absolutely the one in control of what, how much, and when you put anything in your mouth. Even if all you had was Mac n Cheese in the pantry…you wouldn’t HAVE to eat the whole box in 1 sitting would you? If that isn’t your portion, then you shouldn’t be eating it.

Just do yourself this one little trick anytime you eat, or think about eating….

Ask yourself, “WHY am I eating?”

  • If it is boredom or emotions- Move on Sista’.
  • If it is because wifey is eating, but it isn’t your time to eat or your are not even hungry- Oh no Bro

The reason WHY you should be eating at ANY time is for nourishment. You’re hungry because it is your eating time, and it is your eating time because you are hungry.

Play by this rule, and those funny ha-ha memes and quarantine-fluff jokes won’t apply to you.

P.S. We at Balanced Habits™ also recognize, this may not be the BEST time for weight-LOSS for some people, maintenance and overall healthy eating are wins too!

If you need ANY help with this- you know who to contact. We are here for you.

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