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Fitness has been proven to be a necessity,

and fitness professionals have a critical role to play in acknowledging, understanding, and explaining healthy and sustainable “total wellness” options to their members.

To achieve total wellness, it takes an approach dealing with the “whole” aspect of healthy living, not solely fitness.This is about a movement toward health itself, which in its true definition is holistic and should be treated as such.The biggest shift we’re seeing occur with health and fitness is the movement from occasional fitness to sustainable fitness.

Never before have consumers been more aware of how they feel physically and emotionally. Fitness options are increasingly revolving around modalities that fitness members can consistently engage in for many years.

But persistent issues of reduced staff, capacity regulations, and months of closures have caused the fitness industry to re-evaluate how to meet the needs of their member’s new mindset and desire for a more “whole-istic” health experience. This solution has always been an option, but never before has it been such a necessity.

Fitness club members are seeking expertise in several areas all under one roof from their fitness provider. With the limitations fitness clubs are functioning within, there has never been a better time to partner with experts, increasing brand strength through these strategic partnerships.

Also because companies today are in recovery mode, each alliance needs to provide the ability to scale their services in record time. This strategy will allow businesses to appear stronger almost instantly, as well as the “total-whole solution” for their members without having to take on additional payroll, overhead or adding to mounting debt they incurred.

When considering whom your brand would best identify and benefit from partnering with, some essential considerations include:

  1. Define selection criteria. Rank capabilities and company traits.
  2. Create an alliance partner list. Consider emerging consumer behavior and ability to rapidly scale.
  3. Practice due diligence. Evaluate cultural fit with your brand and value for your members.
  4. Select your alliance partner. Focus on strategic fit, desire for success, objectives and goals.

The old adage of “not recreating the wheel” truly fits at this point in time. Now is not the time to waste on testing on your members, making new and expensive hires that have nothing proven to monetize, or hope you get it right fast enough to turn a much needed profit.

Align your expertise with other experts in areas that support your club to adopt what is necessary to become the whole-solution your members want to achieve total wellness.

Now is the time to take action.

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Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
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