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It’s no surprise but every year toward the end of January beginning of February, I start to see it.  Social media and peoples posts take a turn, their posts seem to express frustration, tough decisions, indecision and general unhappiness.

I am wondering if it is because now that we are settled into the New Year, are their New Years Resolutions catching up with them?

Did people unintentionally set themselves up for failure?  Perhaps. I can see that as something that might make people cranky.

I find it interesting that people take to social media so easy to express their feelings.  Maybe these channels are one giant therapy group in disguise. Funny to put that in perspective.

What is going right for you six weeks or so into the new year?  How come people don’t post about that? Social media would then become one giant love fest of positivity if we would just use it that way!

Are you still chipping away at your resolutions? Are you generally pleased with the state of affairs of your life? Are you hitting your goals in life, health, \wellness, and fitness?  If you are a KICK START participant, how is that going for you?

It is our sincerest wish here at Balanced Habits that you are enjoying a great start to your new year and you have some incredible plans on your calendar to continue to keep things going right in your world.

Perfection is over-rated, Progress in under-rated!

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