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Macronutrient based nutrition is beneficial because it focuses on a “formula” that people can easily understand and manage. When people eat all three macronutrients (protein + carbohydrates+ dietary fats) they are consuming all three pieces to the “puzzle” the body requires, eliciting a proper metabolic response. If a macronutrient is missing, the body does not receive the whole message and particular cellular responses do not take place, which is necessary for a desirable response. People thrive with balance and it allows a tremendous amount of freedom by not eliminating food sources in an attempt to get a short-term response that is not, in most cases, sustainable nor healthy for a long-term solution. Diet programs tend to focus on calorie counting and do not take into consideration macronutrient ratios that are necessary for the body to function properly and efficiently.

Let’s face it, we all know that balance is key to success, in all aspects of life, not only with nutrition. Balance offers a sustainable approach to proper nutrition. The body’s metabolism is the most efficient when it senses consistency and trusts that it is being provided for. The body’s only mission is self-preservation. Give the metabolism what it needs and it will respond accordingly. At Balanced Habits, we refer to that as a “fat burning machine.” Conversely, if one withholds from the metabolism (diets), it will respond accordingly. We call that a “fat storing machine.”

People thrive with freedom and flail with deprivation. A macronutrient based nutrition program, that is simple to understand and integrate is almost so simple people truly believe it’s too good to be true! The proof lies with the results and although the only “perfect” program is the one that works, we have yet to see this type of balanced nutrition not work for anyone of the 100,000+ people we have worked with.