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Your consumers are struggling!

…struggling to escape the same marketing headlines or promises to help them lose the 15 or 19 pounds they gained during the original pandemic. They know they gained the weight, they don’t need to be reminded they did again and again…and again.

Speaking from my are of expertise

Today’s consumer is more interested in learning how to be healthy than ever before. Being and staying healthy is their number one priority.

Today’s consumer isn’t interested in going to multiple places to have their health needs met. They want to go to one location to get healthy. Period.

Today’s consumer is willing to invest their time and energy in maintaining their health. Never before has a fitness club been positioned in such a way that a consumer is relying on them to solve all their health issues & goals.

And Finally, today’s consumer is more interested in learning how real food affects their health. They would rather nourish themselves with food vs. a line of supplements.

Did you notice that nowhere did I speak about the importance of losing 15-19lbs?

That’s precisely what will set you apart from your competitors. Speak the language your consumers want to hear. Speak to their fears, their concerns, their interests and how your Fitness Club can solve them.

If you’ve evolved your club to be more of a “Wellness Center,” then you need to provide all the services that it includes. Wellness is all encompassing, not a short term weight loss challenge or transformation. That happens organically in the process of obtaining optimal health.

Lastly, today’s consumer has become very aware of the many benefits of consuming more plant-based proteins. Between the benefits of improving their health and the environment, the moment is now to support their interest in this lifestyle.

We created a Plant-Based Info eBook for our Balanced Habits™ Partners and our own consumer’s.

I’d like to gift it to you today to use too.

The eBook is not promoting our programs or company. It is strictly intended to educated and guide people interested in incorporating plant-based proteins but need some help understanding where to begin. Balanced Habits™ is not exclusively a plant-based program by any means. We simply know what consumers are focused on today and chose to support that with our expertise.

Download it here.

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779


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