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What Are You Bringing to Thanksgiving?

Or if you’re hosting, what are you making?

To help out, Balanced Habits created a Thanksgiving Recipe eBook- and I wanted to ensure you have your copy.

There are recipes for sides, main dishes, and even what to do with some leftovers! That is handy because we all know we often end up with tupperware or zip loc bags of leftovers and often get burnt out on re-heated potatoes and turkey.

My fav recipe of the book is on page 25…don’t judge it before you whip it up and try it!

Download it here.

Folks often ask for tips for the holiday season on how to stay on track or essentially not gain the dreaded holiday fluff, so since the season is upon us, I’ll touch on it real quick.

First and foremost, trust the fact that weight gain, in almost any situation, is not GUARANTEED.

Not all freshmen gain 15 pounds.

Pregnant women DO lose the baby weight.

You don’t HAVE to gain the average 7 pounds on a cruise.

And the holidays come and go each year and if you don’t WANT to gain weight over their course, you don’t HAVE to.

Staying on track is a mindset and a choice.

Keeping your health as a priority while the hustle and bustle goes on takes dedication and practice.

And give yourself this break; maybe the next month, month and a half are NOT the time to focus on weight LOSS so to speak….but you can definitely practice maintenance, moderation, and balance.

I want these statements to set the tone for how you will envision yourself and the holidays to come. Don’t let yourself fall victim to “but it’s just 1 day” mentality about holidays meals and events because it’s a slippery slope- there will be more than that 1 specific “just 1 day”…and those add up.

Stay tuned, as we will focus more on specific event focus strategies as the holidays and all seasons do pass.

We’re here for you 365!

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