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Remember when we said this:
Food is not the enemy, problem or solution.

Food is not only a necessity of life it’s also a source of pleasure and a means of social engagement.

We use food to comfort ourselves, to nurture our loved ones, to celebrate holidays and special events. But for some individuals, the need to consume food becomes compulsive and uncontrollable. For some people, this preoccupation with food becomes similar to an addiction. Although they may try to control their addictive behavior through dieting or self-regulation, they tend to turn back to overeating in response to stress, anger, or emotional pain.

Recently, a diet program, working very hard to stay relevant has taken it too far. This diet company released a list of 200 “free” foods that a person can eat without “counting” them. Meaning the calories somehow don’t add up to anything and there are no negative effects to enjoying them in addition to the planned food each day.

We understand that most diets come with built-in “off limits” foods, a given in a diet plan, but to have the exact opposite? What good can come of this? People are already struggling to figure out how to eat, this seriously upsets us at Balanced Habits.

PLEASE don’t let anyone tell you, you can eat as much as you want of 200 certain foods and reach the goals you have for yourself. It just doesn’t work that way with food. All calories count and add up to something. Don’t obsess over it, but for sure don’t be misguided by their poor judgment to try to gain new business.

We are your advocates, guides, cheerleaders and Balanced Habits Füducation™ experts. We’ve got your back and these folks just took it too far to ignore.