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There is no better tool to invest in. A good knife will last you for the rest of your life.

Do: Sharpen them often.

Don’t: Use a knife for anything other than cutting, slicing, and dicing.

Do: Learn what knives are the right knife for the job.

Don’t: Use a knife to cut a bag, box, or envelope.

Do: Have a set of kitchen shears to cut poultry.

Don’t: Use the kitchen shears to open a package.

Do: Have a pair of just plain scissors.

Do: Sanitize your kitchen knives or shears if you have used them with poultry, meat, onions, or garlic.

Don’t: Ever put your kitchen knives or shears in the dishwasher.

Do: When looking for a good, long-lasting knife, look for one that has a steel shaft extending all of the way through the length of the handle.

Don’t: Cut corners when buying specific kitchen knives if you intend to use them often. A cheap knife will break!

Do: It’s okay to buy several pairing knives; they aren’t meant to last a lifetime.

Don’t: Get hung up on having a matching set of knives. It’s okay to buy one at a time when you need a specific knife and see one on sale.

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