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by James Hudson

People trying to live a healthy lifestyle tend to forget the importance of a holistic approach. Previously, our article on ‘How to Heal Cavities Naturally’ covered, for example, how teeth problems can be associated with health issues in different parts of the body. In a similar way, not taking care of the kidneys can lead to anemia, weaker bones, and even heart problems. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent this.

Eating Less Salt

People tend to consume much more salt than the recommended amount, which can put some strain on the kidneys, preventing them from working properly. This doesn’t mean that salt should be completely removed from a diet (unless a doctor orders it). Instead, something as simple as not adding extra salt to meals after they have been served, reducing the amount of salty snacks, or just eating more home made meals can help keep salt levels under control.

Drink More Water

Keeping hydrated makes it easier for your kidneys to filter sodium and regulate the pH levels in the body. Most doctors would agree that drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters a day should help, but this amount could vary depending on the weather and the amount of physical activity done during the day. A Chicago Sun article also reminds readers that beverages like soda, coffee, and juice usually contain too much sugar and are not a great way to hydrate yourself.

Stay Active

The last two years brought important changes in people’s lifestyles around the world. Many adapted well to spending more time at home but may have also developed unhealthy eating habits and possibly stopped exercising. Obesity increases the risk of getting kidney disease. Starting an exercise routine can be as simple as walking a couple of blocks everyday or taking dancing lessons, and can have a huge impact on people’s health, suggest Psychology Today. It reduces blood pressure, prevents heart problems, and leaves people feeling more energetic. So it goes without saying that it is definitely worth a try.

Limit the Amount of NSAIDs

This is your most important tool. With this, you don’t need a roasting chart or a clock. Read the facts on the dial. There will be no question Adults in general suffer from different types of chronic pain, from headaches to back pain and, later, possibly arthritis. Pain management is usually achieved by specific types of exercise, good posture, and medication, but people tend to rely too much on the latter. Scientific American recently reported that daily use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen can damage the kidneys. It’s important then to closely monitor the amount and types of pills taken, and look for kidney-safe treatments.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Nobody has advanced lab equipment at home, but paying attention to your body may help you spot any kidney problems. An article on the five signs you might have a kidney infection by SymptomFind includes pain in the sides of the lower back, pain while peeing, and even confusion. Readers feeling unusually tired, itchy skin or swollen ankles and feet may consider seeing a doctor as these may be a sign of kidney disease.

People tend to believe that staying healthy involves making drastic changes to their lifestyles, but this is not necessarily the case with the kidneys. In reality, it’s more about making small changes and paying more attention to the body’s own signs. The best part is that following these tips can have a positive impact on a general life, like feeling better and having more energy. Nevertheless, they are no substitute for having regular check-ups.

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