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Tomato Tips

Summer produce is nearing and many of us will have an abundance of tomatoes, we thought we might give you some tips on how to bake tomatoes. To get the best results with this process it takes some time, but the results are worth it and will give you many different options that you will be most grateful for once our tomato plants are not producing.

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Tip #1

Use low heat; 275° and cook the tomatoes until any liquid that they release evaporates; about 3 hours.  This intensifies the flavor and will give you the most incredible outcome.

Tip #2

If the tomatoes are very ripe and soft, peel them; otherwise, leave the skin on.  (Nutritionally speaking leaving the skin on is the better of the two options, but if you’re eventually going to be making sauce with your tomatoes, remove the skin first.)

Tip #3

Stem the tomatoes and cut them in half “through the equator.”

Tip #4

Squeeze the seeds out of each half.  Can also be accomplished with a small paring knife.

Tip #5

Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle fresh herbs into the cavities of each tomato.  You could add sprinkle of garlic salt if you wish to.  Consider what you will be using these baked tomatoes for; enjoying as is, make sauce, canning…etc.  What flavor are you looking for?

Tip #6

Place several tomatoes cut-side up in a baking dish all in a row, not overlapping.

Tip #7

If you are in a hurry, you can speed up this process by increasing the heat to 400° and baking them for 30 minutes, or until softened.  Neither way is wrong, the slow cook just intensifies the overall flavor.

Nutrition Tips

This month is the right time to get in your anti-oxidants!  Summer produce is abundant with fruits and vegetables that pack an impressive nutritional punch! 

antioxidant packed blueberries for healthy weight loss

Blueberries get our vote for the #1 highest readily available anti-oxidant berry!  Toss them into your cereal, add them to your salads, or even all by themselves!  Little balls of natural excellence!

Increase nutrients to your healthy weight loss plan with colorful bell peppers

Yellow, Orange, and Red Bell Peppers get our vote for the “vegetable” of choice!  Yes, technically speaking, a Bell Pepper is a fruit, but most of us think of it as a veggie.  The nutritional benefits of their skin and flesh beats out anything you can take for a supplement.  Remember, the brighter the color, the better for you!

Tip #1

For dessert; enjoy “Nature’s Candy!”  Enjoy melon chunks, kiwi slices, strawberries, and blueberries for dessert. Don’t add sugar, your taste buds don’t need it.

Tip #2

Get your kids to have interest in produce, by getting them to plant pumpkin seeds this month. You need to plant by the end of June, middle of July at the latest, if you want to carve homegrown pumpkins this year. You can start the seeds inside if it’s too hot where you are, but get them started by the end of June.  Create lovers of fruits and veggies by becoming one yourself!

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