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Where is that Small Appliance Hiding???
Instead of using the stove top, try using those small appliances stashed in your cabinets to keep the temperature down as you cook. Their smaller surface area will help you stay a little cooler while making a hot meal with your favorite summer flavors.

Chill on using your Oven
Though some dishes won’t work without the oven, keeping its use to a minimum makes for more comfortable summer food preparation. If you have things that need to bake, do it earlier in the day and reheat it later on. This is also a great time of year to try a “cook once” technique and do all of your heat-inducing kitchen activities for the week at once. You’ll save time throughout the rest of the week, too! We always suggest getting a head start with several different types of protein to build the rest of the meal around throughout the week. Don’t forget the BBQ, which can stand in for the oven in many instances.

Slow Cooker’s and Instant Pot’s to the Recuse!  
Most people think of slow cooker and Instant Pot meals as being fall
and winter comfort food. While these appliances are great for that
purpose, there is so much more you can do. Cook meat for shredding,
chicken breast strips to top salads, and so many more things that make perfect summer meals without overheating the kitchen. Whew-

Fans up and Lights down!
When cooking just can’t be avoided, there are ways to help regulate
the temperature of your cooking area. Use your stove’s vent fan to
help pull some of the warm air out of the room, while a portable
electric fan helps to circulate the air in the room. Overhead lights in
the room can also bring the temperature up a bit, so turn off as many
as possible as you cook

A Buffet at home? Why not?!
On the hottest of summer days, laying out a sandwich or salad bar is a
perfect solution. Deli meats, fresh veggies, wonderful bread selections,
and simple sides like chips and cold salads help you create a filling meal
without breaking a sweat. Make sure you have everyone’s favorite
dressings and condiments on hand, so they can personalize their
sandwich creation. Summer meals can still be fabulous without heating.

al fresco Dining is so Chic!
The phrase al fresco (ahl freh skoh) is Italian, but it simply means outside, or in the fresh air. It sounds so chic to say that you’ll be “dining al fresco tonight.” Si si!


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