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Meet Patrick D. from Wexford, PA.

A few years ago, he came down with an autoimmune disease that destroyed his kidneys and forced him to get rid of them, as well as get a transplant from his sister.

The medications as well as the transplant really wrecked his body, spiking his blood sugar and cholesterol as well as putting him into some serious maladies like gout and pre-diabetes.

Pat started with the Balanced Habits Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program, and then moved on to the LIFE program, where his long-term results really happened.

He started though, and that’s key.

Pat’s got a pretty unique situation but something that shows that changing his eating habits drastically changed his life. He felt like he was running on borrowed time with his sister’s kidneys, and with three kids and a full time job, he was very aware of what a change in lifestyle would do for him long term.

In addition to losing 4 inches around his abdomen, within six weeks, he also sent us his Fasting Blood Glucose levels he takes at the beginning of each month. He’s beyond thrilled.

The next Balanced Habits Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program starts on May 17th. It’s time to get serious about your health.  This isn’t just some “diet program” that has a start and stop date. This is you, kick staring your journey toward better health, a learner and more toned physique and a more positive outlook on life.

Find your nearest Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program now. You won’t regret this life-changing decision.

Yours in Health,
Balanced Habits

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