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Tell us about your career in the fitness and nutrition industry?

I retired from my photography business when we took ownership of our two clubs in 2016, and I realized just how much I wanted to help others learn how to feel great in their bodies again. I was going home exhausted from a hard day’s work, but smiling and happy because I felt fulfilled in knowing I was making a difference in people’s health and wellness.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by solving problems! Everyone has something holding them back from really experiencing true happiness, and for many, they don’t realize if their health were in order, everything else would fall into place.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy strategizing ideas with my clients, taking what seems frustrating and unable to manage and helping them see a new perspective, one in which they feel empowered to make a lasting change. Their smiling faces, their conversations about how much better they feel, that makes it all worthwhile. They take feeling better, making healthier food choices, and prioritizing self care and share that with their entire circle. That is what lifts our community up and keeps us moving forward together.

What special qualities do you bring to your coaching?

My sense of humor for one, I am a bit facetious. I was raised by a Jewish mother from the East Coast, and she taught me not to take myself too seriously. I like to find the humor in situations and help lighten other people up. Sometimes life is so serious, we get so bogged down with feeling imperfect. You have to be able to laugh at things that are bugging you, and in turn, that releases dopamine, oxytocin, seratonin and endorphins, the feel good hormones. It’s fun to be joyful and I like to share that with my clients. I am also a problem solver, I trust my gut, I tell the truth and I don’t give up easily. Sometimes it’s hard for people to come to the reality of the state they are in, but they need a partner that is going to be honest and kind with them to help them make the decision to learn new skills and make a better life for themselves. Your health is your greatest wealth and I take my job to empower my clients seriously, but we have to have fun along the way!

What are your most memorable client experiences as a Food Coach?

One memorable experience was of a mom of three doing our Kick Start. She worked so hard to learn the recipes and strategies, she encouraged other Kick Starters, she pushed through her limitations of feeling like she was unworthy to do this, she showed up to every class, every hike, anything she could get her hands on for activity, she did it. She ultimately succeeded with losing 13 lbs, inches in her abs and hips, but more than that, she came away with a new found self esteem. That was amazing to watch, I still get teary thinking about it because I’m so proud of her for trying. That’s all we can do, just try. One meal at a time, we aren’t going for perfection, just progress.

What is your favorite Nutrition Hack?

Make extra food with every meal. Use Instacart and get your groceries delivered so you have more time to stay organized. Plan out your week on Sundays. You don’t need to switch up your meals every day. Switch them up weekly, so you have the same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day in a week.. most people don’t mind that at all and it save SO much time.

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you?

I have an inscription on my wedding ring from the cartoon “The Simpsons”. I sing at the top of my lungs on car rides whenever I can. I know all the words to Salt N Pepa’s “Push It” and I’m not afraid to sing! Sometimes I leave hysterically laughing voicemails where my friends aren’t even sure what message I left, just heard my laughing.