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What’s Holding You Back?

Allow Balanced Habits™ to show you another way to provide what your community is seeking to reach all their health & fitness goals.

They need your help and are more concerned than ever about their health.

And as a Health & Fitness Expert you know that the only way to improve or maintain a strong immunity is through living a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness, proper nutrition and potentially some type of supplementation.

Meaning, if there was EVER a great time to make a case for people to rely on what you provide, now is it!

If you don’t have everything dialed in to provide the 100% solution to your community, fix that.

It’s time to plant new seeds while you reestablish your brand as “the” fitness club that improves lives and helps people avoid getting sick.

The goal is for your club to launch the BH 28-Day BH Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program program to your community this fall.

We developed our proven 28-Day program as a 100% virtual option or a hybrid of virtual and in-person, depending on what’s occurring in the world, and the comfort level of your community.

The sooner you can get the partnership started, the bigger the impact you can make. (longer marketing period)

We’ll get your team certified, develop your business strategies/sales systems, and support you with launching the provided marketing campaigns!

We can handle two more temporary partners for the fall BH Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program and will need your commitment by Monday August 3rd.

Let’s partner up to replant & reestablish your fitness business together.

The opportunity is now.

*We heard that some of you missed this awesome Smoothie & Salad eBook download last week. Let’s fix that!