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The world is in such a dismal moment of time. Let’s collectively agree to think of positive things today and try really hard to focus on what we are able to do. I know I could use a break from the negativity.

Let’s also be optimistic about our future.

Yesterday I presented a Webinar for Club Solutions Magazine called:

“Reimagining the Fitness Industry”

I’m rarely nervous when I present but because this information is all so new and evolving on a daily basis, I simply didn’t have it assimilated into my brain space enough to just “talk.” I had to read notes, which didn’t allow me to speak unfettered and was a bit of a bummer for me.

I KNOW it’s difficult to think this way today. We have a choice of how we see what’s occurring in life and our reaction to it. That is freedom.

We also have the ability to reimagine our future. And although we’ve all lost a lot, as a entrepreneur, you will not be one to give up. You will find ways to reinvent yourself and your passion.

It might not be today and it might be different than you imagined but you will evolve and see this sucky time as just one more challenge that propelled you to your next stage.

Don’t be a Debbie Downer (sorry to the Debbie’s). Be Positive Paula and move forward.

The Fitness Industry is in a stage of growth and change. We are being forced to think differently and more proactively to protect our livelihood. “Paula” would put a positive spin on everything and see the glass half full.

Life is always evolving and sometimes it feels really good and sometimes it’s painful and uncomfortable. We all know which feeling rules right now, so why not find a new way to look at things?

I see the opportunity to grow and evolve personally and professionally. I see an industry in such a fragile and questionable moment in time that if it’s going to survive at all, we need to re-evaluate everything that was and decide what will be.

Not that you asked me but here’s how I see it.

Fitness cannot simply rely on getting people fit. It hasn’t worked for a very long time. If we’re going to survive at all, as an entire industry, we need to rethink how we’re going to go forward. For five years I have been imagining how obvious it is for fitness and healthcare to align. And now it’s finally happening. We have finally reached a point where two industries need each other.

We need them; their money, members, and their power to have any kind of a future in a business that has been decimated by our governments decisions. They need us; our facilities, expertise, and support to get their members healthy.

Although it’s hard to admit, the world is unquestionably run by money and this partnership, between these two industries, will make everyone a lot of money. Of course we will save lives in the process, but without kidding ourselves, money is the driving force behind this strategic alliance.


Let me know if you’re interested in learning what you need to do to have a brighter view of the future for your business. I want to help.

I’m playing the long-game here and know that the next stage of this growth will include nutrition programming.


Don’t get left behind. Stay optimistic and think like Paula 🙂


~ In Good Health,

Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits