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Why is it that some people can so easily make “balanced –n- lean decisions” that seem difficult or nearly impossible to others? 

To put it into perspective, someone who makes balanced or lean decisions tends to eat breakfast, regularly packs their lunch, chooses water over soda, makes exercise a priority, rarely accepts dessert, and almost always seems prepared.

What’s different about “these people?”  It appears they have super-powered willpower. Are they just “wired” differently? 

How is an elite athlete better at their sport than someone who is just so-so?  Or a musician who plays an instrument in the symphony? Do these people have super-powered willpower of something???  Think about it.  What do all these people have in common?

They practice.  And they practice a lot!

They practice making decisions that have supported their goal, whether they are healthy –n- fit, an elite athlete in the Olympics, or a Violin player in the Symphony.  Day in and day out they practice making decisions that make them look like they have super powers, but they’re just like you and me.  

When you were a baby and you wanted to walk for the first time, how did that go for you? 

Like everyone in the world, you got up, you fell.  You got up again and you fell again. You repeated this pattern until you were just walking.  Even if you felt frustrated from time to time, it didn’t stop you.  Same thing for learning how to talk, learning how to spell, learning how to write, read, ride a bike…etc.  You just practiced until you had the skill and it was an unrecognized behavior, which coincidentally is also what a habit is described as

So, with that thought, you have unlimited time to practice new behaviors or work on making balanced –n- lean decisions to support whatever your goal is. At Balanced Habits™, we hope to encourage you to practice being the version of you, you wish to be.  Each day is going to come and go no matter what, wouldn’t you like to say that you’ve been practicing your new skill each day versus wishing you started?

Practice makes…….better  

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