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8-Week Continuation Program Special!

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LIFE Digital Booklet, Mobile App, & Journal 
To learn how and why a macronutrient based eating plan is what your body has been craving all along. Having all the tools and resources at your fingertips ensures you will be successful.

Meal Planning, Recipes, & Macronutrient Pack & Go Chart 
There is something so powerful about having a true “road map” each meal and each day to simplify your life. Discover what works best for you and your body.

Personal Coaching 
To provide additional guidance, accountability, and strategy development to stay committed to your health goals so they become second nature and sustainable.

Scheduled Check-ins & Journal Reviews 
Having your own Food Coach that really gets you, your lifestyle and your goals is what will propel you to overcome and conquer anything that’s been holding you back.

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Only $305 for all Members of our Balanced Habits™ Partner Clubs

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This offer is only valid if you've completed the 4 week program with your facility within the past 3 weeks. If it has been longer than 3 weeks since your final 4 week Weigh In, this purchase will be void.