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Heavy subject line, I know.

I think about this though, as obesity rates are climbing and there is no slowing it down. With obesity too, comes cancers, serious heart conditions, the corona virus, and a list so long I could fill this page. Nothing you don’t already know.

My sister died at 56. My brother died at 58. My brother-in-law died just a few weeks after his 60th birthday. Not to suggest they might not have prematurely died, but their obesity and unhealthful lifestyles were undeniable contributing factors to their untimely demise. It’s so difficult to witness and know that perhaps, just perhaps, their premature deaths could have been avoided by choosing to nourish their bodies differently, along with living a more healthful lifestyle. Heartbreaking reality of choices.



The 4th Quarter of 2020 is upon us!

As a Fitness Professional in the business of supporting people to be healthy, are you doing your part to help your communities avoid premature deaths through obesity related causes? Our jobs are cut out for us!

We have an uphill battle with other industries working so hard to contribute to the problems our communities are being bombarded with. Fast food, processed food, unhealthy or unrealistic diets and images of unattainable outcomes…againI could fill this page with contributing factors of what makes our jobs so difficult.

Balanced Habits has cracked the code. We found a way to speak to those we serve in a language they can understand and assimilate into their daily lives with ease. We aren’t trying to be the smartest nutrition program out there, but we aim to be the best; which requires customization and a very basic road map that anyone can easily make sense of. Our programs were developed to service the fitness industry, where your built-in customers already are.

These people are coming to you to solve their problems and we’re supporting you with all the tools to do just that. We train your staff to service our programs to get your customers the results they crave. How easy is that?

Want to learn how you can benefit as a business and save lives at the same time?

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~ In Good Health,

Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits