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Workplace Wellness Program

The Balanced Habits KICK START On-The-GO program allows workplaces to participate in a fun, friendly challenge format 28-Day nutrition program with their co-workers.  Balanced Habits Certified Coaches bring the program to you and are there to guide, support and motivate participants every step of the way.

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Why your company needs this…

Increase Productivity

Reduce Insurance Costs

Improve Morale

Why choose KICK START On-the-GO?

Let’s face it, you’ve heard this a million times, you want more productive and engaged employees who get the work done. You know the reasons why it benefits your company, but at the end of the day your employees are relying on caffeine and sugar to get through their workload and you’re still not hitting deadlines.

Who is KICK START On-The-Go for?

KICK START On-the-Go is for companies that want to increase workplace productivity, reduce insurance costs, improve employee morale and have a healthier workforce.  Employees can be young or old, male or female and need to lose a few pounds or many.  KICK START On-the-Go will work for everyone.



How does it work?

A Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach will come to your location weekly. Participants receive a customized roadmap with nutrition as the foundation. There is expert support and accountability for the development of balanced habit building.

What can you expect?

In just 28 days participants reported more energy, better sleep, improved clarity, a heightened cognitive state, a more positive outlook and an overall improved feeling of health.  Collectively, your employees will be encouraged by their results, progress, and ease of the program.



Where do I sign up?

Improve the lives of your employees:

“Our Starbucks location has an ongoing partnership with Balanced Habits that’s developed great success. Early 2014 we collaborated on the idea to bring attention to our healthier, more calorie friendly food items. In May, 2014 they designed and launched our first ever ‘Get Fit Menu’ for our employees on the KICK START Program. The BH Team is sharp, fun to work with and very professional.”

– Shana B., Starbucks GM

“I finally decided to make a change when Arena Fitness offered The KICK START On-the-Go at my office. I thought it would be a good way to get back into healthy eating since competing with my coworkers would keep me accountable. Well, it worked! I’m down about 10 lbs. that I’ve been trying to get off for 6 years”

– Christina M., Keller Willams Realtor

“Thank you for coming to provide our orientation today. You really provide a great deal of information and make the program quite easy to follow.”>- Richard L., Community Options CEO

Healthy Employees=Optimal Performance

Looking for a fun and exciting way to get your team engaged?  More and more companies are looking for weight loss challenges, workplace wellness programs and most of all fun team motivational activities to engage their employees.  Balanced Habits KICK START On-the-GO is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Lack of interest and investment in employees’ health can be detrimental to a business.

Here’s why:

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  • Healthcare costs are rising
  • Employees with high health risk factors cost 25% more than those with low risk factors
  • Unhealthy employees are less productive

Healthcare is expensive

Here’s some quick facts about the health care costs of obesity:

  • Obese adults spend 42% more on direct healthcare costs
  • Those with a BMI between 30-35 are twice as likely to be prescribed pharmaceuticals to manage medical conditions
  • Costs for patients complaining of chest pains at emergency rooms are 22% higher for overweight, 28% higher for obese and 41% higher for severely obese

“Reducing obesity, improving nutrition and increasing activity can help lower costs through fewer doctor’s visits, tests, prescription drugs, sick days, ER visits and hospital admissions, as well as lower the risk for a wide range of disease” 1

Why Wellness Matters

By providing workplace wellness programs, like KICK START On-the-GO, you can

  • Decrease Company Healthcare Costs
  • Improve Morale & Company Loyalty
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Increase Productivity & Work Performance

Lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce employee’s health risks contributing to an overall healthier workforce which increases productivity and work performance. If your company can promote wellness in a controlled, supportive environment, your employees will be rewarded with the benefits of lowered health risks and the company will improve both productively and financially.  

Happy Employees Make For a Better Company

In a study done by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, researchers found that the S&P performance of companies who scored high in the Corporate Health Achievement Award (those that have implemented programs that encourage healthy habits and regularly reward employees for wellness milestones) far outperform the average company who does not.  Which simply means that a happy, healthy workplace contributes to a company’s success in the marketplace.2

On-site Workplace Wellness Programs…

  • overcome the three most common barriers to healthy living: time, money and location.
  • are timely — no time is taken from work, family, or social life, removing the number one barrier and excuse.
  • are convenient — they fit into everybody’s schedule, during the work day, no travel required, no workplace interruption.
  • help to motivate — peer support, group enthusiasm, energizing the employee to participate consistently and finish strong every day.
  • are effective at every level — from the novice to the fit athlete, on-site corporate wellness programming moves the employee into overdrive with participation and results.3

Employees who participated in a health-improvement program had fewer medical costs than non-participants, according to a new report in the American Journal of Health Promotion.  In addition, three-year employer savings outpaced the programs cost with an ROI of almost $3 to $1.4

Additional Costs and Effects of Employees with High Health Risks

  • Added peer work-load
  • Increased stress
  • Lower morale
  • Poor quality of goods/services
  • Excess managerial time
  • Safety issues5

Balanced Habits has changed over 100,000 lives

“Watching our employees go from eating from a vending machine in the lunchroom to bringing in their Balanced Habits KICK START recipe food has been reward in and-of itself. What I have witnessed has been nothing short of amazing in just 28 days of education and support.” Brad M. Eton COO

As athletes themselves, the creators of the BH programs have a personal understanding regarding nutrition and the role it plays. To say that they “practice what they preach would be an understatement.  With two completely different approaches to fitness, (endurance runner and bodybuilder), their nutrition requirements were vastly unique to their desired outcome.  While both types of athlete desires to compete as lean as possible, the need for performance is what is interesting to consider.  Endurance athletes consume smaller, more carbohydrate and fat dense meals, whereas a body builder requires larger, more protein and fat dense meals; each to support the activity and desired outcome. Food becomes even more than fuel, it becomes almost a science of performance.

Because the creators of BH have so much personal application, as well as formal education in this field, teaching others how to apply this to their own unique set of circumstances became the ultimate goal for them. The original program, Balanced Habits LIFE, was developed within their first fitness center in 1994 to serve their fitness clientele.  BH KICK START came about in 2008 when their clients asked for a group program they could work on using a community approach of support.  

As parents of four children, fitness business entrepreneurs, and community volunteers, they knew they wanted to create a program for other busy people/families who deserved to live a higher quality of life through a “FÜducation™ ” (an education how to eat real food), which in-turn has supported over 100,000 people. They literally created their programs to help people learn how to take of themselves, their family and in many cases their children.

Our goal is simple… help you reach yours.”  

We truly believe that too! If it’s true that there are no bad foods, only bad portion sizes, that allows for a tremendous amount of freedom. Participants of the KICK START and LIFE programs all say the same thing: “I wish I had known this years ago, my life would have been so different.”

Balanced Habits understands that if someone is serious about changing their lifestyle, they had to develop a program that didn’t exclude food or entire food group eliminations.  People need to make choices, within parameters so they don’t feel deprived and the BH programs offer that.

So what is Balanced Habits KICK START On-the-GO anyway?

As we said before, we are an Industry of FÜducation™. We help people learn how to eat real food in a way that is sustainable for life. Balanced Habits KICK START On-the-GO is a workplace wellness group program that gives your employees the support and accountability to learn new habits, with a plan custom tailored to each individual’s activity level, goals and unique body composition.  

Your employees will receive an informative, easy to read workbook that is packed with recipe ideas, grocery lists, a Pack n Go sheet-for packing meals at home, and a Grab n Go list for eating on the run. The booklet contains a food journal to help them track their meals and is reviewed with the Food Coach confidentially each week during a 5 minute accountability and journal review session held at your location.  This ensures comfort and confidence with the personal aspects of the program. Your employees are busy and focused, our information gets right to the point; participants also recieve bi-weekly supportive emails designed to be read quickly in which they will recieve motivation and encouragement from tehir Food Coach.  Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches are here to support your group.  We are accessible and eager to help!

In just 28 days participants report…

  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Clarity
  • Heightened Cognitive State
  • More Positive Outlook
  • Improved Overall Health

Like Marfi, from Huntington Beach said:

“I believe I’ve finally got the formula! This is not even a diet, it is a lifestyle change. In this journey, I’ve become a more patient person, motivator and role-model.  My family is also eating healthier and has been a part of this journey.”

And that’s not all.  Participating in a workplace wellness program, with a group approach to weight loss, gave KICK START On-the-GO participants a stronger sense of community.  Not surprisingly, companies reported reduced absenteeism and higher productivity.  What they didn’t anticipate was the sense of confidence the employees developed and their desire to continue reaching their goals beyond the 28 day program.

Companies that implement workplace wellness programs show that they place a premium on their employee’s well-being, that they play an integral role in helping the company to succeed.  These employees in turn are more likely to stay with the company longer, contribute thought leadership and innovative ideas, look for ways to contribute to the company’s success and participate in other initiatives such as volunteering and community efforts.  

Now is the time to implement a proven, results driven and empowering workplace wellness program, find a Balanced Habits location near you today.