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Do you even eat brownies at brunch??

August is “National Brownies at Brunch Month”.

Yes, seriously. Odd huh?

I thought to myself, I wonder what this months’ “awareness” is, and “Brownies at Brunch” was one of them. Well, I happen to think that is totally random however, I’m not going to argue. Brownies AND brunch are pretty awesome.

So to set you up to have brownies at brunch or anytime, here is a brownie recipe just for you!

Pssssttt—there is a secret green superfood in them- and you won’t even notice when you bite in!

We want you to feel OK with enjoying things like brownies, brunches, beaches, bonfires, bikinis, bananas…anything!

Maybe you have heard this before but one of our favorites sayings is “there are no bad foods, just bad portion sizes.”

And we mean that! PINKY SWEAR!

You can have things like brownies, pizza, lasagna, frozen yogurt etc…but guess what- you shouldn’t have them ALL the time, you shouldn’t have however much you want of it in large batches.

You know why? Because if you’re reading this you likely CARE about what you look and feel like. And if you consumed copious amounts of those types of foods way too often, you would more than likely often feel like ca-ca.

So don’t do that ^^^^^

But DO learn how to incorporate food items you like into your eating routine. Also learn how to incorporate great tasting, more-on-the-healthy-side foods in your right portion sizes into your everyday eating routine.

You probably just need some guidance, tips, and individualized attention. Don’t worry- we’ve got that for ya.

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