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Balanced Habits™ has developed…

our own “Pandemic Recovery Act” for the Fitness Industry we are so passionate about serving.

For the final 6-months of the year we are blowing up our new business model and we need your help.

Can I PLEASE request your help in rating what areas you are struggling with TODAY?

Once we compile a tally, in order of importance, we will fine tune our “pandemic recovery act” best support the need. Thank you for your time, help and trust. It means the world to us.

(I added a little “thank you” gift at the bottom of this email)

Please list in order of most to least of importance

1. You need your members to return.

2. An easy nutrition solution for your members.

3. Not in the position to make an expensive hire on the staff (RDN…etc.)

4. Be able to legitimately call your club a “Wellness Center”

5. Stand apart in your community

6. Competing with online-virtual services

Please email your answers to

A Gift For You

Due to so many folks being interested in eating plant-based but unsure how to incorporate that, we created a little info-pack to support our consumers with learning more about eating plant-based.

Balanced Habits™ believes in supporting people to do whatever they choose for their nutrition, however, a little education goes a long way.

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779


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