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In 2002, fitness instructor and enthusiast Karen Blazaitis brought Mid American Fitness to the Metro Detroit area to provide the community with a place to enjoy state-of-the-art fitness within a welcoming and inclusive environment. Check out the amazing culture that Karen has created and is now growing even further with nutrition.

A Little About Mid American Fitness

Through the years, Mid American Fitness has remained true to Karen’s original intent of providing high-quality instruction and a wide variety of cross-training options in a place where everyone can feel at home. Their trainers, many of whom have been with the club since the beginning, are among the best in the Metro Detroit area. They provide challenging workouts, based on the latest research, trends, and technology, that deliver measurable results. They’ve also made it a top priority to develop close interpersonal relationships with their members, so they genuinely understand the level of commitment the staff devotes to their success. At the end of the day, that’s what Mid American Fitness is about: helping members live healthier so that they can thrive in every aspect of their lives.

The Uniqueness of Mid American Fitness

One of the biggest aspects of the studio is the community that it has grown into. The members that attend classes and training sessions aren’t just names on a roster. The trainers and staff get to know each member by name, and the members themselves get to know each other as well. Countless lifelong friendships have been formed by members and staff at the studio. It’s not unusual for members to vacation together, celebrate milestones together, go snowshoeing together (a Michigan weather outing at its finest!) – all beyond the studio walls. The staff is proud that they’ve helped to foster a wellness community where people not only work out and get healthy, but they also thrive through the meaningful relationships that are built.

A Club With A Goal

Helping those in our community lead healthier lives is the cornerstone of the studio. Whether it’s a weight-loss goal, health related, sports conditioning – they strive to provide every person that walks through the door with sustainable solutions for their health and fitness needs. To that end, with the ever-increasing information that’s released about the importance of exercising and eating healthy, they’re proud to be a touchpoint in their community where people can receive top-notch training from caring and certified fitness professionals that can also be paired with a personalized nutrition plan. This comprehensive approach to healthy-living allows them to be a one-stop-shop that caters to everyone.

The Importance of Nutrition

For years, Mid American Fitness looked for ways to offer a comprehensive nutrition plan to their members. As the saying goes, “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”; providing exercise opportunities was only part of the equation. With the discovery of Balanced Habits, they were finally able to meet the nutritional needs of their members on a customizable basis. Now, with every person that walks through their door, they can seamlessly help them reach any fitness goal with a combination of proper exercise and a nutrition program that’s designed just for them.

The Verdict

Mid American Fitness’ first Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program was held this January where they sold out every spot that they had available. In that one month, their participants lost more than 250 lbs combined. They also launched the Balanced Habits LIFE program at the end of 2018 and saw several members improve their health beyond weight loss. One LIFE client found that her seasonal migraines almost completely vanished once she began eating a truly balanced diet.

According to them, what’s been just as gratifying as the weight loss and health testimonials is the knowledge that their members now have access to science-backed information on how to eat appropriately for their body, lifestyle, and goals.

Looking to the Future

With increased public awareness surrounding the importance of clean-eating and exercise, their continuing goal is to be a resource in the community where people can receive comprehensive guidance. The “eat this, not that” and “do this, not that” rhetoric that’s out there can be overwhelming and they want to play a part in boiling down that information into easier-to-understand, actionable goals that help their members make correct choices, and feel confident and successful in those choices.

And, as the world becomes more device-centric, they love being a place where phones are down and people are truly engaging with each other – working out together, sharing stories over a cup of coffee…  For them, it’s very rewarding to be a hub where people achieve amazing fitness results, but also create meaningful friendships and they plan to continue providing a welcoming environment that allows those relationships to flourish.

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